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Over 60 min+ of Triple-A quality cinematic experience inspired by best horror franchises
like Alien, Event Horizon or Dead Space.


Short Preview


Dead Ark™

It's a complete, all-in-one audio solution for sci-fi horror movies and games.

A package inspired by the greatest space horror franchises. Perfect for RTS or FPS games, where fear is the main component of gameplay.

Classic horror sounds of the best orchestral scores combined with modern, edgy and cinematic soundtracks to make you feel as much inspired and terrified as possible.



AAA Games Quality

From a creator associated with game dev and movies for years. Who worked with well known brands and projects.

Live recordings and best quality virtual instruments Mixed and Mastered in the Industry level Studio to reach the highest standards of audio and music composition.



Tailored for best productivity

The music is mostly written in one key D# and its modulations to make the whole thing coherent and to make the transitions between tracks as smooth and unnoticeable as possible.

Songs that have a rhytm - have also a BPM indicator (beat per minute) that are looped and edited to speed up your work when implementing the music. Transition tracks have been added to further smooth out the interactive music changes in your project and glue everything together.


Most of the tracks also have their alternate versions for more variety and configurability.


With a little fun and skill - you can combine individual alternative tracks with other cues in the pack to achieve something original very fast.


Upgrades and Fixes

You have problem with the asset? Or would you like to get something more similar to one of existing cue? Or an cue extension of some kind? Let me know!

After gathering the comments and suggestions from you I will update the package with new music or some fixes.

So go ahead and write when you receive the package and have an interesting idea to expand it more.






Technical details:

Format: Wav 16-bit / 44.1 kHz

Channel: Stereo

Full Cues: 34

Total Tracks: 107

Cues Duration: 1h & 17 min

Total Duration (All Tracks): 2h & 15 min

Loopable: Yes

Size: 1.35 GB

Headroom: -0.6 db


Art Cover: Nick Greenwood

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